Using LinkedIn for Jobs effectively!

There is no denying that LinkedIn is becoming very important for everyone in the recruitment chain. Starting this thread to discuss important and preferably advanced strategies for using LinkedIn.

Lets start with a hygiene one - never saying looking for a job on your LinkedIn profile.

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When looking for a job through linkedin, its best to leverage the linkedin network to ask for introductions and endorsements to potential recruiters (not necessarily HR).
Also, linkedin Sales Navigator is a great tool to invest in. It helps to build a deeper professional connect with potential recruiters through various services that it has to offer.


Here is a nice article on writing a good LinkedIn Summary. Though for advanced users this might be of little value.

LinkedIn ranked the most effective channel for jobs, a little surprising result, but still noteworthy.

An article by a former LinkedIn employee about what one needs to do to find a job through LinkedIn. Some interesting statistics in it - 1 in 100 people get a job if they apply through a regular route - 1 in 16 get a job if they apply through a referral. That is a big number.