Tech Mahindra CEO Opinion about AI and impact on Jobs

A very respected named in the Indian IT sector, C.P. Gurnani views about AI and its impact on Jobs

At the recently-held Wall Street Journal CEO Council meeting in Washington DC, I was fortunate enough to listen to two eminent futurists and authors—Martin Ford and Jerry Kaplan—who are known for their pioneering work in the field of AI. Ford, who is better known for his bestseller The Rise of the Robots, was quite articulate that the future is all about “jobless growth”, something which is haunting the minds of individuals, job aspirants, political leaders and governments. Ford had points to prove it: on how low-end jobs are all getting automated while machines are getting more intelligent because of deep learning.

Through algorithms and programs, robots can keep on learning and performing tasks—without ever feeling tired, asking for overtime or falling sick. Kaplan, well known in the field of pen computing and tablet computers, had a slightly contrarian view. AI, according to him, is a highly exaggerated word; rather, it is machine learning bringing in an increasing level of automation through robotic processes—something that will only drive productivity, resulting in more job creation and driving investment.