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Came across this Salary Benchmarking tool. Seems pretty neat. Not sure how accurate.
But here it is

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Great Article which talks about salary ranges for skills in demand

Demand is high for emerging job roles such as subject matter experts and hybrid professionals who possess domain and soft skills.

New job roles include skills such as cybersecurity, mobile app development, new user interfaces, social media, data scientists, platform engineering are in demand. Subject matter experts include people skilled in or as graphic designers, humanities, sociology, security, finance, payments are needed in the industry.

New skills including big data analytics, cloud & cybersecurity services, IoT, service delivery automation, robotics, artificial intelligence/machine learning/neuro-linguistic programming are fetching fat pay packets.

Another wonderful and detailed article on Salary Trends in Startups

Here are the three key startup salary trends as per the analysis,

  • In the 18 months between January 2016-June 2017, salaries were found to be stronger than the previous years, given the previous years of funding situation and overall healthy growth rate.
  • Bengaluru ruled the roost in the salaries, and Mumbai beat Delhi NCR as well as Hyderabad.
  • The analysis also revealed that the lesser-known companies are paying more than the assumed leaders.

Our experience is not very different from above for some talent areas, there is almost a war on there, and salaries are being offered/ revised aggressively. We will write our own experience on this shortly.

Top Technology profiles in demand, who is hiring and indicative salaries. Nice Q&A way of writing the article.

Most people are aware of Glassdoor - they have a salary section, where one can get salary data by company and position. Not sure how accurate it is, but the ones we saw seemed to be in the expected range.

Some Salary benchmarking for some top Tech Jobs