Need suggestions to switch from old legacy skills to new technology skills


Can anyone please help me out in taking a decision that which IT course path I need to choose in order to switch to new technology skills and improve my career growth as a long term in IT industry.

Currently I am having 5+ years of experience in IT industry working in Mainframes technology.

Looking for advice or help to take a decision on choosing a right IT course from emerging technologies.

Hi Deepak

There are many perspectives for you to consider. Your ambitions mainly and what are you going to be satisfied with. Purely from hiring perspective the demand for AI will outstrip everything, and hence a learning there will be useful.
However, as a career professional I firmly believe taking smaller steps is better - do something which allows you to use your mainframe knowledge and complement it with something else. From what I know and a quick search on internet - it looks like Hadoop and related eco-system should be a good way forward. I hope someone more knowledgeable replies though.

Your experience in IT and Mainframe, will easily enable to study and work with the new BIGDATA engineering. It is not new anymore but it is still evolving and now it is getting into some interesting changes. Good time for you to jump in and spend time, Moreover, there is a need of it as many migrations are happening from Mainframe to BigData due to cost saving by the companies. A great role to learn from it.