Communication Job Interview Questions for Employers to Ask!

1.Pay attention to how your candidate interacts with people such as the receptionist. This observation, in addition to your own observation of the candidate’s level of comfort with communication during the interview, is key. You can observe much about the candidate’s communication style during the interview.

2.How articulate is the candidate?

3.How clearly does the candidate communicate? How easily does the candidate select words to use to answer questions?

4.Notice the non-verbal communication and the facial expressions as well. Does the candidate radiate sincerity and energy?

  1. How did the candidate interact with each of the employees who attended? Was the interaction easy? Did the candidate answer their questions? Or, did the candidate talk around them?

6.When he met with managers and employees, he failed to make eye contact, repeatedly looked at his watch, and finally asked when they thought that the interview would end, that candidate must not be hired.

7.Finally, in assessing communication, is the candidate genuinely interested in your company and the open job?

8.You can learn much about whether to hire the candidate from the candidate’s nonverbal communication.

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